• “I am suffering with spondylitis in my spine.  I was in pain and was experiencing pins and needles sensation down my upper back and arms.  By attending the Osteopath the pain has been alleviated and the pins and needles sensation goes away but as the week progresses can come back. That is why I see the Osteopath on a weekly basis.  I enjoy the treatment because it helps me manage my pain.  The Osteopath listens and then is able to target the areas where I am experiencing the pain, which really works for me.  My overall experience when visiting Active Healthcare Clinic is very positive as the environment is very pleasant.  Also my Osteopath is aware of my condition and the pain I am in and helps me overcome the difficulties I know I would experience if I didn’t visit him.”  H Rezaie- Bazarjanie, Sheffield

  • “I decided to visit Kevin Beckwith as my wife had previously had successful treatment from him. I had been suffering for a few weeks with lower back pain, which was also travelling down my thighs and preventing me from walking without pain.  The treatment I received gave me much ease, enabling me to walk with less pain.  Having suffered for a number of years with this problem, it was quite a relief to have more freedom from pain. ” P. Tootle, Sheffield

  • “I went with acute back pain which affected my daily movement.  After treatment I was more mobile and the pain was reduced from my first appointment.  Subsequent treatments got rid of my pain.  Simeon Hempsall is obviously proficient in his work and also friendly.  My overall experience of Simeon’s practice means I would recommend him to anyone.”  D Warne, Sheffield

  • “I am suffering with four worn joints in my neck which was preventing me from turning my head properly. I have now got a tremendous amount of movement back which makes everyday things so much easier to do. The treatments have been relaxed and not at all traumatic. The osteopath has always been honest about how much I will improve and never promised anything that could not be achieved. Overall experience has been excellent.” J.T. Pearson

  • “I’ve suffered with a bad back since falling of a horse some years ago. I find that the pain is relieved considerably by my visits to Simeon. I needed regular visits at first but now only need the osteopathy sessions every few months to maintain my back issues. I’ve always found Simeon to be friendly and professional throughout my visits.” C Carson – Sheffield

  • “I had all sorts of trouble with crippling spells of back pain. I’d tried physiotherapy but it hadn’t helped much. I gave Active Healthcare Clinic a go after a friend recommended them. The results were amazing. I now visit the clinic every month or so for my general body upkeep, not only with my back but also feet and leg issues and even lumbago.” D Blewett – Sheffield

  • “I first came to Active Health having injured my back while gardening. I could hardly walk at that point but the Osteopath soon eased things up to make me more comfortable. I have been back several times over the last few years, either when things have gone wrong or just to maintain the health of my back. The treatment is always beneficial, without being painful or over-stretching things. I’d have no problem recommending Active Healthcare Clinic.” M Iseard – Sheffield

  • “I sustained an injury in a car crash many years ago that affects my neck, back and shoulders. I had neglected to have treatment for a while and went to Active Healthcare on a recommendation. I received a warm welcome, was put at ease and now have regular treatments to stay on top of the condition. Life has dealt me a few knocks over the years and Simeon has helped sort out a knee injury, sports injuries and other small mobility issues as they occur. I would highly recommend Active Healthcare.” T Viner – Sheffield

  • “I started visiting Active Healthcare Clinic as I was suffering from back pain during the second trimester of pregnancy. The back pain was having an impact on all aspects of my life, making work, home life and hobbies (mainly cycling) increasingly difficult, as I was having trouble moving without being in pain. Having treatment has made a significant difference to my quality of life; reduced pain and increased mobility mean I have been able to continue with all activities during pregnancy.”Treatments have been less painful than I was expecting. Simeon is a knowledgeable, approachable and professional osteopath, and was happy to discuss treatment over the phone with me before I initially attended the Clinic. I found this discussion reassuring, it gave a positive impression of both Clinic and Osteopath that they took the time to return my call and answer any questions before I committed to treatment.”Overall, I am extremely happy with my treatment and the staff at Active Healthcare Clinic, would recommend the Clinic to friends and family, and am planning on visiting post-pregnancy to ensure appropriate future management of my back pain.” H Wilkinson

  • “My wife had a bad back for a long time which she put down to working as a PE teacher and the positions she had to use to support the children through their activities and jumps.  I have always been troubled by a stiff neck which is aggravated during long car drives.  Fortunately, we discovered Simeon when we moved to Sheffield just over nine years ago and the maintenance treatment he gives to us both results in long, pain free periods.” D and S Morgan, Sheffield

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  1. Chris Walker

    I’m feeling so much better after my recent visit to see Simeon for my ‘M.OT.’ My tight neck and lower back sorted in one session. I visit on a regular basis to keep on top of things which I feel is better than waiting to cure the problems that used to occur. Years of cycling have taken a toll on my old body. As well as the great treatment Simeon always has good advice on how to avoid the injuries in the first place. Highly recommended !

  2. Rayna Foletti

    In my experience, Simeon is always there just when you need him, and Active Health staff are so kind, helpful and friendly. It is always an absolute delight to visit the calm, peaceful and world-class clinic of top class expertise and after my therapy I am like a spring lamb. Simeon Hempsall is consistently utterly amazing, he listened to my story of a painful hip muscle ache, and like magic he found the problem and worked his powerful therapy to help me become free of pain. Thank you so much for your brilliant osteopathy!

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