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Injection Therapy

There are three main types of injection therapy for the treatment of joint, tendon and ligament pain.

Corticosteroid Injections

These are the most recognised injections for their benefits in reducing inflammation.

By reducing inflammation it is an effective way to reduce your experience of pain.

The complete package of care for Ultrasound guided corticosteroid injections is £155.

This includes clinical examination, ultrasound scan and a guided corticosteroid injection. Book now by calling 0114 267 1901

Typical examples of where injection therapy can benefit include osteoarthritis, tendonitis, capsulitis and bursitis. These inflammatory conditions can affect any area of the body; common examples include shoulders, elbows, hips, knees and ankle joints. The big toes and thumb joints can also cause significant inflammatory pain.


Ostenil is an injection of Hyaluronic acid. When joints are suffering with degenerative changes the lubrication within the joint can also become affected. Ostenil Plus is a brand of Hyaluronic acid that has been trailed in many studies and has been found to benefit the long term maintenance of degenerating joints.

These injections cost £265 when combined with a clinical examination, ultrasound enhanced diagnosis and guided placement of the injection to ensure safe needle placement.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is an injection treatment designed to promote healing and reduce pain. It is an effective treatment for tissues such as tendons and ligaments that have been damaged and require a boost to their healing process.

The technique requires an extraction of whole blood from the patient. This is taken from a surface vein. The blood sample is then spun at high speed to separate the Plasma from the red blood cells.

The blood plasma contains high levels of Growth Factors. By increasing the number of Growth Factors within damaged tissue, it is possible to optmise your own bodies healing process. Clinical trials have shown benefit for long term tendon and ligament injuries and more recently it is being used as an alternative to steroids for the long term management of arthritic joints.

PRP treatments cost £265 for a new patient and follow up injections cost £235. Dependent on the severity of the condition up to 3 injections may be required.

If you require more information on ultrasound guided injections please visit our specialist injection webpage or phone 0114 267 1901

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