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At Active Health Care Clinic we have over 70 years Osteopathic post qualification experience between us.

Simeon Hempsall

Simeon Hempsall


Simeon Hempsall (BSc Hons) was born and bred in Sheffield. He went to the British School of Osteopathy in London where he graduated in 2001.

He is a former professional cyclist and has competed in a number of major sports events including the 1992 Barcelona Olympics and 1994 Commonwealth Games. He also won the National Road Racing Championships.

Simeon is now married with three children (all girls!) and maintains a keen interest in sport - treating many varied sports injuries at the Active Healthcare Clinic (which was established in 1987). He is passionate about helping each individual to achieve their optimum health and fitness levels through Osteopathic practice.

He also treats many other ailments including: lower back pain; mid to upper back pain; and neck and shoulder pain, among other things.

Laurence Fourdrignier


Laurence Foudrignier, French born, qualified in Osteopathy in 1993 from the European School of Osteopathy (E.S.O) Maidstone and in Naturopathy in 1996 from the B.N.A. London.

Over the years she has gained considerable knowledge working with Visceral Osteopathy: the direct mobilisation of organs and with Nutrition: the Microbiome and lacto-fermentation.

Laurence teaches both subjects: Visceral and Nutrition internationally at Post-graduate and Masters Level to Physiotherapists, Doctors and Osteopaths. She also runs educational fermentation workshops within the community in the UK.

She has published a book called 'The Fermented Lady' combining Physiology, Microbiome and Foods with some phenomenally tasty and healthy recipes.

Laurence has a special interest in working with gut related problems, women's health and fertility and scar tissue/adhesion prevention post-surgically but is also well versed in treating the more traditional osteopathic condition such as lower back, neck problems etc.

Laurence Fourdrignier

Chris Creaghan

Chris Creaghan

Injection Therapist

Chris Creaghan is the injection therapist at Active Healthcare. With over 20 years of clinical experience in diagnosis, injection therapy and ultrasound scanning, Chris has a wealth of experience.

Previously Chris worked as the clinical lead for NHS Kirklees, working along side the regions orthopaedic consultants. Now working as a front-line clinician at several GP Practices, he mixes NHS and private work.

Chris states that the advantage with private work at Active Healthcare is that he has the time to perform full differential diagnosis and detailed scans along with guided injections. By working along side specialists in osteopathy and avoiding delays in accessing appropriate treatment, the healthcare requirements of clients can be delivered in a timely manner.

Chris strongly recommends that injections are administered under guidance to ensure accurate needle placement. Guided injections are both safer and more effective.

Derek French

Sports Therapist

Derek is an experienced sports therapist with over 30 years experience.

During his career he has worked as a senior sports therapist for many football clubs, including Sheffield United, Barnsley, Wimbledon, Watford, Nottingham Forest and Mansfield as well as in the film industry.

He is also an active member of the FMA (Football Medical Association) which gives him a direct link to the The Football Association, Premier League, Football League and other governing bodies thereby ensuring he is up to speed with all the latest techniques as well as access to the best personal and professional development available.

For further information about sports therapy or to book an appointment please call Derek directly on 0796 793 7296

Derek French

Melanie Hempsall

Melanie Hempsall

Practice Manager & Sports Massage & Sports Therapist

Melanie joined the Active Health team as Practice Manager in 2019 working alongside her husband Simeon. She retrained as a Level 4 Sports Massage Therapist and more recently as a Level 5 Sports Therapist. Treating both sports injuries and everyday aches and pains such as repetitive strain, tension and fatigue that everyone experiences. Her focus is returning clients to their optimal functional fitness and mobility levels.

Melanie offers Sports, Deep Tissue and Relaxation massage. In additional to manual massage techniques Melanie is also trained in the following modalities: Dry Needling, Dry and Fire Cupping, Taping & Strapping, K-Taping, Joint Mobilisations, Electrotherapy and Rehabilitation.

When not at work, Melanie's main passion is running and she can be usually be found at her local Parkrun trying to beat her PB.

She is also a member of the STO (The Sports Therapy Organisation).

Emily Beesley

Practice Receptionist/Administrator

Emily joined our reception team back in October 2021. She has previously worked in administration and customer service roles for over 30 years.

Emily is highly patient focussed and loves helping others. She enjoys building relationships with all our clients and putting them at ease. You may also recognise her from the Nethergreen Surgery Reception.

Emily Beesley

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