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Ultrasound Diagnostics

To enhance diagnosis Active Healthcare use ultrasound scans to see beneath your skin and gain an image of your your joint and tissue anatomy.

Ultrasound Diagnostics

About Ultrasound Diagnostics

Ultrasound scans are a safe and effective way to determine if damage and inflammation is present within tendons, muscles, ligaments and bursae (fluid sacs). Having established the condition of these tissues we can advise on best treatment.

Most treatment will require tissue mobilisation and osteopathic techniques as described in the section on Osteopathy.

In some situations the clinician may suggest injection therapy to help minimise excessive inflammation.

If you are unsure as to the cause of your pain or suspect you may need further diagnostics tests to confirm or exclude tissue problems then please contact Active Healthcare to arrange your appointment.

An ultrasound scan to help visualise your tissue problem only costs £90. 

The use of ultrasound scans for muscle and bone problems is developing within healthcare. Historically it is linked with monitoring pregnancy because there are no side effects, no radiation and the images show live movement, unlike MRI scans.

As with any investigation there are limitations. An ultrasound scan will not visualise tissues beyond the surface of bone, for example you can not see the detail of a spinal disc or beyond the outer edge of a knee meniscus.

You can however see the reaction of tendons, muscles, ligaments and joint capsules when they are placed under strain. No other form of imagery provides this live diagnostic capability. Therefore if you think you have developed a tear or an excessive inflammatory response, or you just seek confirmation that you haven’t caused any major damage, then please book an appointment. Don’t just guess what might be wrong; have a look.

For all problems that are related to the spine and for all soft tissue manipulation / mobilisation then please arrange an appointment with one of the Osteopaths at Active Healthcare.

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